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Carefree High-speed Inter-City Tour with G7534

by admin on July 22nd, 2013

On July 1st, the official business operation of high-speed train from Nanjing to Hangzhou (Ning-Hang Line) and Hangzhou to Ningbo (Hang-Yong Line) started.

G7534 is a new train, with 16 carriages and 1,015 seats. The ride between Hangzhou and Nanjing is 1hr10min (250km). Between Hangzhou and Ningbo 1hr (170km) and Shanghai to Ningbo 1.5hr (300km). What a flying experience!

The journey is half of the train time before and it means that the “One-Hour Economic Circle” of Yangtze River Delta is formed.

<Overview of G7534>

Since the opening of Ning-Hang-Yong high-speed rail, travel becomes the hot topic among travel agents and citizens. It makes it possible for one to take in the highlights of the three cities in one day.

From Nanjing to Hangzhou, the cost of a second class seat is RMB79.5 (USD13), a more comfortable seat than an economy seat on flight. Compared with self-driving travel, it is a lot cheaper and more convenient.

This high-speed line stops at famous tourist attractions like Hengdian Film Studios, Changzhou Dinosaurs Park, Zhouzhuang water town, Tianmu Lake, Wuxi Lingshan Buddha, Hangzhou Thousand Island Lake, Xitang Water Town and etc.

For inside facilities, G7534 provides power plug (220v ac) under every seat, enabling laptop use and battery charging. Wi-Fi is not provided for the time being. There is a wireless network named “CRH-380-TC02”, it is for the train technical communication system only. Mobile phones are not affected but web surfing can be interrupted. Western toilets are available at the end of each carriage and are the best standards of all trains in China (comparable or better than the Eastern Coast Trains in UK).

<Modern Life, Modern Travel>

With the great changes in people’s life today, more and more citizens have varied ways of travel. They may choose travel with group, self-driving travel, and travel by train, etc. Then the opening of G7534 high-speed rail not only speeds up, but also stimulates family travel around Yangtze River Delta.

At the time of its operation, many travel agents have already promoted travel products based on high-speed trains. During this summer holiday, along the new high speed rail routes, travel products like “entrance tickets + hotel” is getting quite popular.

Starting from this summer, traveling by high-speed train in Eastern China will be the “Fashion”. Come and enjoy your inter-city travel with China high-speed rail!

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