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The Cai Family Ancient Folk Houses –Your Never Ever Missed Elegance

by admin on September 2nd, 2013
The Cai Family Ancient Folk Houses is located at Zhangli Village, Guanqiao County, Nanan City of Quanzhou, Fujian Province, China. It was first built in Qing Dynasty ( 1862-1911) with 49 years of construction.
The architecture here has its own unique and outstanding designs that features as magnificent momentum, well-formed structure, exquisite carvings, which shows the “Southern Fujian architecture style”. The grand scale of the houses is regarded as the “Unique in the World” ancient buildings with rich culture and civilization and is the lively representative museum of Qing Dynasty buildings.
There are 23 buildings in exist which not only represent the elaborate caving craft with birds, lions, tiny animals, flowers true to life of southern Fujian cultural style, but also own elites’ poetical work, painting and calligraphy more than 200 pieces. That’s to say, it’s a great treasure which combines local essence and under the influence of western architecture art, Indian Buddhism, Southeast Asia culture, etc. In 2001, it is listed as the National Key Cultural Relics Protection Unit by the State Council.

As the saying goes, “architecture is solidifying music.” The ancient folk houses of the Cai Family justify it–the houses are facing south, lies in 5 rows with 2 buildings together. Between the 2 buildings, there are fireproofing path which are made of tidy stones. What a marvelous and advanced project in the old days!
Because of it coastal location and frequent oversea’s intercommunication,  Quanzhou enjoys the reputation of “ Oriental First Port” and “ the Starting Point of Maritime Silk Road”. Therefore, the blends of different culture gradually forms the special culture and architecture style here.
The houses of the Cai family are all in red bricks. In Fujian culture, it has other beautiful name called “Red Adjacent”( 红厝,Hong Cuo).  Wandering around the houses, the straight roads, the blue sky, the fresh air, are all giving you a refreshing experience which is totally different from the life in the bustle city.
Peaceful” is what the Cai Family ancient folk houses can bring to you, both its surroundings and your spirit.
Weather-beaten” may be another word you’s like to describe these ancient houses. Life still goes on here along all the way from old times to today.
People’s life here possess many old living flavors–the socialism slogans and the worn-out posters on the wall, all tell you about old stories behind the history.
At here, stone articles are everywhere. The well-carved stone desk, well, mill which are sparkling their unusual characters just as those red buildings.
Then one design of the houses should be recognized is the roof and check. The form of the roof is some kinds like the tail of swallow with curvaceous lines. It’s efficiently use for draining off rain, weakening the wind and protecting lightening. Moreover, on the roof or along the check, there are many ingenious patterns with bright colors.
Doors are also with old distinguishing features–the carving magpie, plum blossom, Chinese dragon on the surface show the delicacy of the houses at the first sight. Besides, you can resort to some poems and paintings on the lintel of the door which actually give you the fun of contemplation.
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