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Jilin Rime—the Drunken Beauty of Winter

by admin on December 3rd, 2013

Jilin Rime, refers to the natural wonders in the city of Northeast China—Jilin. Featured graceful, unique, charming, and with constant stream of foreign tourists’ praise, Jilin rime not only is a popular winter attraction, but also makes a great contribution to the natural environment and human health. In 1985, along with the picturesque landscape of Guilin, Yunnan Stone Forest, the Three Gorges, it is regarded as one of the “China’s Four Natural Wonders” by the state authorities.

In the frozen season, vegetation are dying and things have lost vitality. However, the spectacle of rime is always able to “suddenly, such as spring night, the Trees of pear blossoms” to come to North River.” The dizzying and wonderful sights of the icy but graceful willow branches and cypress pine will give you unforgettable memory of beautiful winter.

The formation of Rime—Every winter, although the Songhua River is frozen as hard as iron, tens of meters deep in the water below the ice can still maintain the temperature at 4 ℃, while water temperature and ground temperature difference constant at about 30 ℃. Therefore, the rivers in the urban area are not frozen. The wide range of temperature produces mist and river mist curl, which eventually becoming dissipated. Under the action of a certain pressure, wind direction, temperature and other conditions, a large number of river fogs occur cold condensation in the form of frost on the thickness around different branches, forming a large area of rime wonders.

The Best Time to See– Every year from late December to the end of the following year’s February, are the best season to watch rime in Jilin City. At the most, there may be more than 60 times a year.

The Features of Jilin Rime–marvelous spectacle, crystal white, rare, the frequency at most, the most thickness, the long period of visiting, the minimum density, beneficial and harmless as the natural “Air Cleaner”, and the convenience of the origin location (with beautiful environment, numerous tourist attractions, developed transportation and rich material resources combine to make it even better.)

The Process of Rime Sight-seeing—the process of enjoying the rime scenes roughly into 3 stages, namely “watching the fog at night, watch the hanging of rime in the morning, and seeing its falling in the afternoon.” Each session can make people feel a different surprise.

Watching the Fog at Night

Generally, the scene occurs at 10:00 at night along the Songhua River. The mist begins to appear and then more and more with cold concentrated, large group of mist rise up. Covering by thick fog, the buildings at the riverside, the trees, everything in the whole street seems in a sea of clouds in wonderland. In common, the more dense the fog at night, the more spectacular the rime landscape become the next morning.

Watching the Hanging of the Rime

In the morning, you can see “Hanging Tree” along the street, which presented a silver fantastic and wonderful world of winter. Each one willow branches are sparkling, like Tamae hanging, rocking gently in the breeze. Even the roadside grass, also rime wrapped furry.

Seeing the Falling of Rime

In the afternoon, the rime will fall off. Usually, after 9:00 in the morning, the sun rises up and the prompting condenses on the branches of rime began to fall off. The breeze blowing off the silver pieces flying in the air, bright sun shine to the above, in the air, forming a colorful curtain of snow. Rime swirling like snowflakes fell on people’s heads, shoulders, which let people feel extremely cool and fresh.

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