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Natural Beauty of Danba Tibetan Village

by admin on September 24th, 2013

In 2005, Danba Tibetan Village was awarded as the most beautiful village among the other 6 ancient villages in the campaign“The Most Beautiful Place of China”, which was hosted by Chinese National Geography.

Danba Tibetan Village refers to villagers who live at Danba county and gradually form the Tibetan village. The cottages  has its unique shape: the combination of stone-house and village houses. In appearance, the cottages harmoniously being colored in yellow, black and white on their featured roof. Besides, the houses usually have 3 or 4 stores, while there are lodges by the side.
Danba Tibetan Village was built at the foot of mountains and make uses of the advantages of natural environment, which resorts to the principal of “Unity of Heaven and Man”. Commonly, the cottages are settled at the slope side facing south and compose several families. Blue sky, stretching mountains, green forests, clear lakes and brilliant houses–what a picturesque and wonderful land here it is!
If you appreciate the whole Danba Tibetan Village from a further sight, you’ll be amazed by its flexible outlook with white clouds surround and regard it as a fairyland which totally different from the scenes in the bustle city.
Danba County has rich travel resources with magical and beautiful natural scenes: the natural landscape, Dangling Sights, Jixue Mountain, forests, hot springs, grassy meadows–all give you pleasant and refreshing feeling while traveling in this area. It’s the ideal place for you to relax, explore and return to the natural pure world.
Following are some recommended places for your exploration–

Luo Bu Pu: it means the treasure of good luck which is the main resort for explorers and pilgrims who want to reach the peak of Moerduo Mountain. The cave on Luo Bu Pu once was the place where those enlightenment monks went for cultivation.
Fairy Lake: it is famous for its paradise-like surroundings where there are two springs–clear, pure and cheerful flowing.
Suo Po: Danba is named“Thousands Stone-houses and Ancient Villages”while Suo Po is the concentration place of the best-preserved and spectacular stone-houses. However, only one stone-house can visit to which is the house of the Geluwengdu Family.
Dangling Scenic Spot: it is a wild area for variety attractions–Paradise Valley, hot spring, Tibetan villages, Calabash Sea, Zuoyongcuo, etc. If you want to explore this area, the means of transportation can only be riding horses or hiking. The grand plateau scenes will let every effort be deserved. Besides, the best time to visit Dangling is around November.
Calabash Sea: it locates at the mountain not far away from Dangling Scenic Spot and being named after its calabash-like shape. Surround the sea, blossom flowers, green pine and cypress make this place great and magnificent. It is also the ideal place to enjoy the sight of sunrise.
Hot spring: 3 or 4 kilometers away from Dangling, there are two natural sulfurous hot springs. You can enjoy leisure time there to recover from body and spirit fatigue.
–Danba Tibetan Village is a mysterious and unique place for your exploration. If you’re interested and eager to wander around. Be the partner with us CFT now. Our Sichuan tour for you will be the most thrill and fantastic experience.

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